Hymenoplasty or Hymen restoration procedure restores the membrane as it was naturally for whatever societal, personal, traumatic or family reasons you may want to do so for. Since while restoring the hymen, the vaginal walls are tightened naturally, it can definitely lead to better sensation thereby sprucing up your sex life.


The procedure is simple and takes around 40 minutes to an hour for full completion, You’ll be able to go home after another hour spent under medical care. There are various methods for reconstructing hymen. Remember this surgery can work both ways – you can get your hymen reconstructed or get your hymen ruptured if it’s blocking the opening causing several other complications.


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Having concerns about your inner body system can affect the way you feel about yourself as a woman. Childbirth and the ageing process can both change the shape, size and tone of your female genitalia and in some cases you may just be unhappy with how you look. As specialists in vaginal tightening and labiaplasty, we understand that this can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and can even lead to sexual dissatisfaction or difficulty.

The most common cause of an enlarged or stretched vagina is childbirth; however post-menopausal womenand those who have been treated for cervical cancer can also find that their vaginas have enlarged leaving the vaginal muscles stretched and weakened. This may result in a loss of sensation and sexual gratification. Vaginal tightening is the procedure performed to tone the vaginal muscles and surrounding areas. Also known as vaginal restoration, Vaginoplasty is a standard gynecological surgery that aims at reducing excess vaginal mucosa (vaginal lining). The result is an immediate decrease in the size of vaginal muscles, resulting in more friction during sexual experiences.


You need to find out a skilled and experienced surgeon to perform your Vaginoplasty. One you decide on that he/she may advise you to undergo various tests to analyse your overall health. You will also need to explain your general lifestyle. During the procedure, anaesthesia will be given to you to minimize discomfort.