What are dermal fillers?

If you'd like to restore youthful fullness to your face, enjoy plump lips, enhance shallow contours or soften those facial creases and wrinkles, dermal fillers may be the answer. Dermal fillers have been called "liquid facelifts" because they offer many of the benefits of a surgical facelift without the downtime.

Although they can't help with excess sagging skin,these soft tissue fillers can add more volume and provide immediate results at a lower cost than surgery. These treatments aren't permanent, however, and they must be repeated and maintained.

Some dermal fillers are used in conjunction with other skin rejuvenation treatments such as injections of botulinum toxin. Your plastic surgeon will assess your needs and recommend one or a combination of treatments to achieve your desired results.

Fine lines and unwanted wrinkles are best treated with Botox which is a purified protein derived from Botulinum Toxin type A. Because we are professionals, we make it our goal to make sure that Botox not only makes you look great, but that you feel comfortable while receiving your treatment. While many clinics and spas don't go through all the steps that we do, we work to ensure our patients' comfort by icing and applying a topical numbing cream prior to the injection.

Botox is a virtually painless process with little side effects but many offices that do Botox injections fail to take the precautionary steps that we always take. Botox is one of the most widely studied medications in the world with over 2000 clinical trials conducted. Areas most commonly treated with Botox are the forehead, glabella (frown lines between the eyebrows), and crow's feet; however there are many other ways in which Botox can be utilized.

Our injectors are experts in BOTOX® and fillers. Besides working on the typical areas like foreheads and the corners of the eyes,they also use their expertise to correct problems in areas such as the cheeks,chin,neck,earlobes,corners of the mouth and decollete.

NECK AND CHIN: Botox® is used in the neck in the platysmal bands and necklace lines. These bands may become prominent as we age as well as the skin progressively losing elasticity and loss of soft tissue support. The Botox injections help to make the bands and lines less pronounced.

DECOLLETAGE:We also use Botox in the décollete area to diminish the fine wrinkling.

LOWER EYELID: We also treat the jelly roll area which is under some people's eyelid area---it is evident when they smile really big. When Botox is injected into the middle of the lower eyelid it makes the patient's eye look more open and youthful.

NECKLACE LINES: The lack of soft tissue support leads to persistent horizontal lines and creases. Botox injections help diminish these lines.

CHIN: Botox is also used on the chin to reduce dimpling or "orange peel skin". It relaxes the muscle in the chin so that the dimply look goes away.

CORNERS OF THE MOUTH/MARIONETTE LINES: As some people age the corners of their mouths become downturned, giving them a "crabby look". We can also inject Botox to relax the muscles and help make the corners more upturned. Patients can achieve a look that is friendlier and more approachable.

EYEBROW (LATERAL): Botox can be injected to reduce eyelid hooding to produce some of the benefits of a lateral browlift.

CROW'S FEET: If the crow's feet are dynamic, there will be a significant improvement to the area. However, if the crow's feet are mostly static and the results of photodynamic and chronological aging, the improvement may be disappointing.

BUNNY LINES: For creases on the nasal dorsum---i.e. nasal "scrunch" Botox injections can help soften and/or eliminate those lines.

VERTICAL LIP LINES: These lines can often be traced to behaviors that involve the puckering of the mouth including smoking, straw usage, musical instruments, singing and whistling.

Juvederm® Ultra and Ultra Plus XC: (Cost determined per patient)
Juvederm is a clear, colorless gel made of Hyaluronic acid which is a natural sugar complex found in our skin and joint tissue. It acts like a sponge when injected and binds your own body's water to enhance the plumping effect. Juvederm is used to fill areas such as the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jaw line, nose and cheeks.

It is also used to lift the eyebrows, fill in hollow areas under the eyes (tear troughs) and fill in lip lines or create a natural, fuller lip. Juvederm corrects the appearance of deeper facial wrinkles and folds while restoring volume to the skin's surface providing a more youthful, refreshed appearance with immediate, visible results.

As with Botox, at the Skin Clinic of sculpura aesthetic Plastic Surgery centere we administer Juvederm in a way that provides the most comfort to our patients. The Juvederm product that we inject has lidocaine anesthetic in the syringe that also helps provide a virtually painless procedure. The most common side effects experienced are bruising and swelling at the injection site.

TEAR TROUGHS: Under the eyes in the tear troughs we use Juvederm® which is a hyaluronic aciddermal filler because it gives a soft, natural appearance for that area. It helps plump up the area, diminishing the hollowing in the tear trough. With aging there is an intrinsic loss of tissue.

It usually is a one-step process usually, but we like to have people come in after a week so we can refine it if necessary. There is no charge for the repeat visit.

EARLOBES: We've used fillers to plump up earlobes so they don't look old and wrinkly and saggy.

Radiesse®: (Cost determined per patient)

The Skin Clinic of sculptura is constantly working to provide the most innovative ways to treat and correct issues of the skin. With Radiesse wrinkle filler, we are not only able to fill nasolabial folds, marionette lines, oral commissures and hands, we have also been able to treat and effectively get rid of cellulite.

Radiesse works to stimulate new collagen and has proven to be a wonderful injectable used for filling in dimples and dents in the buttocks, otherwise known as cellulite. It works to fill in irregularities that liposuction cannot and would not be able to obtain. It is also a wonderful way to fill in the area above the knee where we sometimes see wrinkles, lines or loss of elasticity.

Radiesse can also provide contour in slight rolls under the buttocks area. It can even be used to fill in the front and backs of thighs where we begin to see loss of collagen or areas of soft tissue. It stimulates collagen for up to 72 weeks or more after the injection allowing collagen growth that, over time, provides long term benefits and provides a more youthful and toned appearance to the skin, upper thigh and buttocks region.

CHEEKS: People who have lost volume in the cheeks and/or the skin is sagging--it could be a congenital condition where they are just flat in that area we typically use Radiesse® which is an injectable volumizing filler to build up the cheekbone area. With Radiesse it is always two-step process for any new injection. Within the first four – six weeks some of the correction "falls off" or absorbs. All the little microspheres are still in the tissue and they eventually resorb. Radiesse is still in the tissue, so we come back and inject for a second time. This injection stimulates the production of collagen and more tissue regeneration. The collagen grows in and around those little microspheres and creates an infrastructure. It becomes a little sturdier. It can last up to a year in the cheekbone area because of decreased muscle movement there.