We all must age; we just donít have to be happy about it!
As we age the soft tissues of our face will slowly drop, creating jowls, lines, creases and a sagging neck. The facelift is designed to correct these structural changes. Other signs of aging such as loss of skin elasticity and fat from the face can also be addressed but are not corrected by a facelift alone. Also while a facelift does not correct the eyes or brow it can be combined with those procedures for total facial rejuvenation.


All of us age at different times and rates so a facelift should be considered when facial aging has occurred. This can be anytime. We have seen substantial aging as young as the late 30's and have successfully operated on those in their late 70ís. A facelift will give you a "fresh" look it should not make you look different. We have heard many say "I would never get a facelift because they look so fake." We say you just never notice the ones done well. The most common responsese are; "Did you get a new hairstyle?" or "Have you lost weight". Or more commonly, "You just look so good"


We believe you should use the right tool for the right job. There are many different "types" of facelifts. Some very good and useful, some not so much! The best way to keep them straight is to think of them in categories. First is the standard facelift. This involves an incision in front of and behind the ear. There are different techniques used but the important thing is for the surgeon to perform the procedure with which he/she has had the most success.

Second are the short-scar or so called "mini" facelifts. These involve an incision primarily in front of the ear only. They are useful if there is not as much aging involved and a large neck correction is not needed. Finally there are the lifts done with barbed sutures. It is our opinion that these do not last long enough to justify the cost/risk. Our surgeons at Sculptura Aesthetic Surgery Centre keep upto date with the latest techniques and trends.